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HOMEWORKS Inc. is often hired in a consulting capacity. We provide several consulting services that aid our clients.

General areas that we offer our expertise in include:

  1. Diagnosis and solutions to various problems in a home/building
    Some examples of problems include: basement wetness, water leaks, plumbing problems, etc.
  1. Inspection of work quality by a contractor
    We inspect and assess the situation to confirm you are receiving good quality workmanship.
  1. Analysis and preparation of a construction contract
    When a contractor is hired the written contract is crucial. We will review a contract between you and the contractor to make sure it is clear, specific and provides for your protection.
  1. Dispute resolution between you and the contractor
    Should conflicts or misunderstandings arise with the contractor, we can act as a mediator and/or advocate between the two parties.
  1. Summary of priority-based areas in your home/building that require updating or renovating
    We can make recommendations of where you will receive the best return on your investment dollars. Also, we can provide a time schedule for when certain maintenance and upkeep should be performed to keep your home/building in optimal condition while minimizing your long term costs.
  1. Expert witness report and testimony
    We can prepare a report to assist in a court case.
  1. Appearance in court as an expert witness
    We can provide expert testimony when required to strengthen a court case.

Consultation Fees:

Our fees for consultation begin at $300.00 for the first hour and $125.00 per hour thereafter, plus 13% HST.

Please call our office for more information based on your specific needs.

Telephone: 416-691-9900