In-Office Seminars

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GP window smHomeWorks' In-Office Seminars equip industry professionals to provide a superior service to their clients. George's in-depth knowledge and vast experience are available for you to learn from. Ask specific questions and get the knowledge you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Below you will find our most popular seminar topics. These topics can be presented during staff meetings or functions, and are at no charge to you.

Please call in advance to schedule an informative and interactive seminar for your office.

We would be please to customize a seminar for your specific needs.

Call 416-691-9900 to book your seminar today.

Speaker: George Papadimitriou, President & CEO
Approximate time: 30-40 minutes per topic.

Popular seminar topics include:

  • The four most common home problems
  • Five things that can get agents in trouble
  • Termites: Common Misconceptions
  • Older home common problems
  • Newer home common problems
  • How a “First Class” home inspection should be performed
  • Damp and leaky basements
  • Insurance companies: problems with knob and tube wiring and aluminium wiring
  • Questions & Answers - Bring your questions and pick George's Brain for 30 – 40 minutes

We are also available to speak at home buyers’ seminars, home sellers seminars, annual meetings and awards ceremonies.