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George Papadimitriou

GP 03 smGeorge has been involved in construction, architecture, and building inspection since 1972. His formal education was at Ryerson University in the Architectural Science program. He has been a project manager and a construction supervisor for small homes, commercial buildings and a 49 unit, 7-story condominium project.

In the late 1970’s and early 80’s George purchased older downtown Toronto properties, undertook complete renovations, and then offered them for sale.

As a former City of Toronto Building Inspector he was responsible for the inspection of new construction, renovations, property standards, plumbing inspections, termite inspections as well as zoning. In addition, he is a graduate from the City of Toronto BI3 (Building Inspector 3) intensive inspector-training programme – an intensive 10 month training course.

Over the course of his career, George has personally performed 1,000’s of residential and commercial inspections. He has appeared in newspaper articles, TV programs, has presented hundreds of in-office training programs for real estate agents as well as training for the Toronto Real Estate Board.

President's Message

When I started my business in 1986, I envisioned a company that would make a difference for both its clients and its staff.

I believe that business should be an adventure in sharing: a sharing of knowledge and wisdom, as well as the financial abundance that a business provides.

My goal was to create a new type of business which I call a “visionary business”. In this business both clients, management, staff, suppliers and the owner all work in harmony and a “spirit of partnership".

Another goal was to offer exceptional service and “First Class” home and property inspections to my clients. To me, a “First Class” inspection is performed with extreme care and attention to detail. With this in mind, all of our inspections are performed in two phases.

The first phase focuses on a meticulously detailed inspection and compiling our findings in a report format. The second phase is a physical walk-through with the client of the exterior and interior of the home or property. In this phase we outline our findings and answer all questions the client may have.

It was my intention that the client would understand his/her new purchase and they would have the confidence and peace of mind that they were making a sound choice for their new purchase.

When I started my company, I vowed to:

  • provide “First Class” inspections and exceptional service for my clients at competitive prices
  • operate in a spirit of harmony, teamwork, openness and partnership
  • ensure that our clients, management and staff would be treated with respect and integrity
  • foster an environment of teamwork and camaraderie within the company’s office
  • incorporate profit-sharing for the staff and the management of the company

With the help of dedicated and caring staff, suppliers and management, I have kept my vow.

I invite you to use our services. I know you will be impressed. If you feel that we did less than “First Class” work, we will refund your money, no questions asked.”

George Papadimitriou